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Eco-conscious, efficient injection molding.


Our materials provide an eco-friendly solution in the field of injection molding. They can be processed into a variety of products, such as biodegradable containers, toys, and components. Utilizing them for injection-molded products not only reduces dependence on fossil fuels but also ensures that the products can biodegrade at the end of their life cycle, supporting the circular economy.

Main Features

  • Disposable Knife, Fork and Spoon Material H8000-2D: high fluidity in processing, high whiteness, high permeability, high strength
  • Thin Wall Injection Molding Lunch Box and Yogurt Cup Material H8000: high fluidity in processing,highly balanced strength and toughness,heat resistance up to 100℃
  • Durability Injection Molding Tableware and Daily Necessities Material H8000-2A: excellent durability, highly balanced strength and toughness,excellent scratch resistance, high gloss, heat resistance up to 120℃, microwaveable

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