3D Printing

Eco-friendly, innovative 3D printing with cornstarch.


3D printing series materials are processed into biodegradable filaments for use in 3D printers. Due to their eco-friendly properties, products printed with this material can efficiently decompose under natural conditions after their lifecycle, reducing environmental pollution. Moreover, they offer designers and manufacturers a sustainable option, enabling the creation of innovative and sustainable products.

Main Features

  • Spray-free Metallic Colour Series: strong metallic luster texture,stable printing performance
  • Silk Colour Series: smooth silk,high toughness,stable printing performance
  • High Toughness Series: high impact resistance,high elongation at break,the line is not easy to break
  • Marble Colour Series: with imitation marble appearance effect
  • Wood Colour Series: with imitation wood appearance effect,the surface matte fine without lamination

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