From Nature, Back To Nature

Kinpoly is a manufacturer that specialized in PLA material. Our PLA comes from corn starch in nature environment, it will degrade into water&carbon dioxide with no harm to environment. Back to where it came from – Nature.

Green Energy Output

80% Increased!

pla materials


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Green Renewable Energy

Kinpoly Advanced Materials Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in the R&D, production, and sales of biobased and biodegradable modified materials, and committed to providing customers with high-performance, cost-effective, and functional ecofriendly material overall solutions.

Eco Friendly

Sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Clean Energy

Promotes clean energy utilization


Championing renewable resource innovation.

Why Choose Us

Discover the Premier Choice in Renewable Solutions

Raw Source - Over 10 years specialized in renewble PLA materials.

Efficient Supply Chain Management – We got extensive experience in manufacturing and delivery.

Strong R&D Capabilities – Constantly innovating and improving our products.


BPI Biodegradable

Suitable for individual homes

BPI Biodegradable Certification

DINCERTCO Biodegradable

Ideal for large corporations

DINCERTCO Biodegradable Certification

Low Carbon

Small to medium enterprises

Low Carbon Certification


A Greener Way for Your Business

Hear from Satisfied Businessman

Alexandra M.

“Our decision to switch to PLA (Polylactic Acid) solutions was a game-changer. Not only have we significantly reduced our environmental footprint, but we're now proud contributors to the eco-friendly materials market. It's a win-win for us and the planet, showcasing our commitment to sustainability and innovation.”

Yulia Smith., CEO.

“The Kinpoly team was professional from start to finish. Their expertise in bioplastic products enhanced our sustainability efforts significantly. Choosing their PLA (Polylactic Acid) solutions is a wise and eco-friendly decision for any business.”

Jerry J.

“The Kinpoly Industry Solutions team showed exceptional professionalism at every stage. From the first meeting to the final implementation, their bioplastic products have positively influenced our company's environmental efforts. It's a smart choice for businesses aiming for sustainability.”

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